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Rewards, recognition and benefits. That’s what the industry calls them. But what do we do that’s different? What do we offer at a time when employees are (quite rightly) asking for more than ever from their workplace? Why should you work here?

We've got a list

Competitive salaries – of course. Contributory pension scheme – tick. Life assurance, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), subsidised gym membership – yes, yes and yes.

You really nailed it!

Cheers For Peers is just one of the ways we say thank you for doing an awesome job. Anyone can say thank you at any time – it’s about taking time out to celebrate the things, both big and small, that happen every day that we might otherwise not get to hear about.

Team members can pop into our dedicated ‘thank you booth’ or simply post their thank you messages on Instagram using the hashtag #CPCheersForPeers

Thank you

But recognition isn’t just about the big displays. We think it’s just as important to say thank you for a job well done. We’re big fans of in-the-moment feedback. A simple pat on the back means a lot - no matter who it’s from.

So thanks for swinging by. If you like the sound of what you’ve read and you’d like to find out more about working here, just visit our Jump on board section.

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