Positive Footprint

Our footprint

We put a lot of thought into how we do business, the decisions we make and the impact we have on the world around us.

For example, the soap in our office is made in the UK by Soap Co. We choose Soap Co. because they are leaders in providing ethically sourced and socially responsible soap. We know that what we wash our hands with is made with natural extracts, added vitamins and is both colour and paraben-free. We know that it’s never tested on animals and has a minimum impact on the environment. But that’s only half the story. We also know that they support more than 100 people and that 80% of their workforce are blind or otherwise disabled. 

Our green activities

Being green comes naturally to us. We’re a business that loves the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve moved our offices out of city centres and surrounded ourselves with parkland and open space. We encourage our people to work smart and take the opportunity now and then to avoid the daily commute. This means that we cut our carbon footprint and support our local high streets by working in the cafes on our doorstep.

We do a whole heap of other stuff too – from using 100% renewable energy supplied by SmartestEnergy to exceeding the minimum level of fresh air being pumped into our Skyview office to around 20 litres per second per person (breathe in people). We also operate a paperless office and recycle as much as we can (including clothes, shoes and books). Soon, we’ll be introducing re-useable cups to cut down on paper waste, (this will also make the Costa and Starbucks in our offices cheaper for our people - flat white anyone?).

Rachel McCann

Head of Engagement & Community

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