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Get your flippers out, it’s time to plunge into work experience. From IT to Audit, from Corporate Finance to Marketing, your hardest task will be choosing what team to dip your toes into.

Apply if you’re...

Charmed by our culture, our brand and our brilliant business! Everybody is welcome so it doesn’t matter whether you’re cruising for a career change or dipping into your first taste of work. All applications welcome.

How long is it for?

One week, in either late June or early July 2018.

What you'll be up to

  • Getting to know us and our unique working culture
  • Rolling your sleeves up and working with your chosen team for four days, partnering with a buddy to make sure you stay on the right track
  • Taking part in a business challenge and presenting to our senior partners
  • Attending a workshop on your development and how to apply your new skills to the world of work

Our toe-dipper work experience programme is open to all backgrounds and levels of experience. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re cruising for a career change or dipping into your first taste of work, everybody is welcome.


Choosing what to do

With such a wide variety of business areas on offer, the hardest task will be choosing where to dip your toe. You need to pick your top three preferences when applying so have a think about your skills, passions and overall interests. We’ve also drafted some handy tips to help choose below.

When you join us

If all goes well with your application, we’ll invite you to join us for a one-week period in late June or early July.  We’ll kick-start things with an introduction to CP and our culture, then you’ll head straight into your chosen team for the next four days. You’ll be supported by a fantastic buddy who’ll really help you embrace the role.

Towards the end of the week, we’ll bring all our toe-dippers back together for an exciting business challenge where you’ll present to one of our senior business partners. And to top it all off, we’ll hold a development workshop where you’ll learn how your newly found skills can be applied in the working world.

How do I choose which team to go for?

We believe that everyone is unique and that we all have different strengths. Have a think about your own strengths, and how they might apply to one of our teams. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Do you like advising people on how best to spend their money? Cooper Parry Wealth may be for you
  • Have you got an eye for detail and matching up patterns? Our Audit team could be the one for you
  • Are you a savvy shopper? Do you always find the best deals and bargains? You’re a natural fit for Tax
  • Do you like helping others and supporting people, even in difficult times? Restructuring’s your team
  • Do you find yourself tweaking electronics and building things from scratch? Tech Support & IT might be your match
  • Are you a great writer or designer? Could you sell ice to a penguin? Your home could be Sales and Marketing
  • Do you have a passion for people? Are you a great communicator? The People Team could be your cuppa tea
  • Interested in helping businesses grow? You’d be a great Corporate Finance fan

How to apply

Once you’ve reflected on your passion and chosen your top three team preferences, all you need to do is apply. Applications open at the beginning of March and close at the end of April. Places are extremely limited so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it this year around.

To apply, submit a tailored CV that reflects your character. If we like what we see we’ll invite you to complete a video interview where we’ll really get to know you. The process will take around 6-8 weeks depending on how many applicants we get.

**Please note, in 2018 we’re running two Toe-Dipper weeks, between Monday 25th June and Friday 6th July. If you’re applying, please make sure you can attend one of these weeks.

Orianne Wightman

Early Years Co-Ordinator


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Applications for 2018: 1st March - 30th April 2018

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