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You’re looking to sell part or all of your business and you want a financial assessment that’s watertight. You want an expert view so you know you’ve got the right financial processes in place and that you’re ready for potential purchasers to examine you. You want to be able to anticipate the questions and issues that may arise during the transaction. And you don’t want to lose out on value.

We’re a Transaction Services Team with years of experience in sell-side assistance and vendor due diligence. We’ll get to know you and your business, give you insightful advice and help you to assess what to do next.


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How we work

1) First, we’ll get to know you, the business you’re looking to sell and the best way to work with each other based on what you need.


2) We’ll analyse the business’s financial performance and its position to date and we’ll understand the current financial reporting systems and procedures that are in place. We’ll identify potential financial and tax due diligence issues such as quality and sustainability of sales and profits, one-off earnings adjustments, key accounting policies and financial procedures.


3) We’ll talk you through what we find as we go along and we’ll tell you what we think. If you’ve chosen to go down the full vendor due diligence route, we’ll provide a report that adds credibility to both historical and projected trading results. We’ll make sure you stay in control of the sale process and reduce the volume of questions that you and your management team receive.

Next step

Our team has experience of providing sell-side assistance and vendor due diligence for both corporate and private equity clients. If you think you might need us, get in touch with Ed Gray at or call Ed on 07760 105932.

Or, if you’d like to involve us in completing the deal, have a read of our Deal Completion

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