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Tax Compliance

Tax returns are time consuming. Research by YouGov (2016) found that people in Britain spend a total of 9.5m hours on their tax returns every year. And if you have complicated circumstances, such as properties or investments, it could take you days to complete. So…what if you could get someone else to do it on your behalf?

We’ll gather all the information, translate it into language the revenue will understand, and then we’ll let you know how much you’ll need to pay. We’re also surrounded by a team of tax experts in other areas, just in case you need any specialist advice.

We’ll save you time and give you peace of mind. If you’d like friendly advice and support with your tax return this year, please give us a call. Get in touch with Cally Bamford on 07771 521164.  Or, send Cally an email to

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains is a tax that you pay when you dispose of an asset. It often involves shares or property that you’ve decided to sell. We’ll calculate the tax on your assets and identify all available tax reliefs. We’ll even look to see if we can transfer assets between spouses to make the most of tax exemptions. We’re also surrounded by teams of experts who are able to give advice not only on Capital Gains Tax, but also on wealth management and UK and international tax regulations.


If you’re about to sell property or dispose of a capital asset, get in touch to see what we can do. Call Sarah Axe on 07786 126268. Or, send Sarah an email to

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the value of your assets when you die – so long as your estate is worth more than £325k. Inheritance Tax can also apply if you’ve had a change of circumstances, whether you’ve had a bereavement in the family or you’ve just sold a property or business.

If your circumstances change, we’ve got you covered. We’ll review and advise you on your will, work out a strategy to protect your wealth and consider options such as placing your assets or money into a family investment company or trust. We’ll work with lawyers and our wider tax team to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.


If you’d like to talk to us about Inheritance Tax, get in touch with Sarah Axe on 07786 126268. Or, send Sarah an email to




Residency & Non-Domiciliary

Tax rules are very different depending on where you live. So, whether you already live in the UK, are just arriving in the UK or are planning to leave the UK, we’ll help determine where you’re a resident for tax purposes. We have the benefit of being part of an international network, and so we’ll work with our colleagues all over the world to work out what tax you should pay and where you should pay it. We’ll consider your domiciliary, the tax implications of this and advise you on structures such as tax-efficient offshore trusts.


If you’d like to talk residence and/or domiciliary, get in touch with Sarah Axe on 07786 126268. Or, send Sarah an email to

Property & Landlords

You could be letting, developing, buying or selling property. Whatever it is that you’re up to, we’ll make sure that you pay the right amount of tax, including Stamp Duty Land Tax, and that you’re using the right structures to maximise tax efficiency.

We’ve a team of experts who are up to date on all issues affecting property tax in the UK and overseas. So, if you own property personally, in a partnership, in a trust or even in a company, we’ll talk through the options to determine the right structure for you.


Tax legislation on property is always changing. And things have changed a lot in the last couple of years. If you’re a landlord or property owner, and you’d like to talk about what opportunities there could be, get in touch with Sarah Axe on 07786 126268. Or, send Sarah an email to

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