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Tax Compliance

We work with businesses to file their tax returns, complete their detailed tax computations and publish their annual accounts.


We’ll save you time and make sure your business is fully tax compliant. We’ll maximise your tax opportunities, and we’ll manage your business’s relationship with HMRC. If you already do your tax returns in-house, we can act as a second pair of eyes to give you peace of mind. We can also help you to convert your accounts into an iXBRL format, which is a requirement when filing your documents with HMRC.


If you’d like us to help you save time on your annual tax returns and accounts, get in touch with Suki Kaur on 07973 657815. Or, send an email to Suki at


We all get charged VAT on most goods and services. When we first meet with clients, most of them think that the amount of VAT their business is paying is fine. But it could be a little more complicated than you think. Especially if you’re regularly involved in business-to-business transactions or you’re an organisation in the not for profit sector. We work with businesses of all kinds to make sure they’re paying the correct amount of VAT. We’ve years of experience dealing with complex cases – both in the UK and overseas – and we usually end up saving our clients time and money. 


It all starts with a chat. And we ask the right questions so we’ll find the things other firms miss. Get in touch with Sarah Hughes on 07792 030457. Or, send Sarah a note to



Research & Development

R&D incentives have been around for many years now and they are amongst the most generous reliefs and credits left in the tax legislation.

Unfortunately there are still many common misconceptions around what can be claimed for. Companies (and advisors!) are often still leaving valuable money on the table at a time when they need it most:

  • “We don’t do any R&D” – unless you’re a wholesaler, the chances are you will be doing some activities that meet the definition of R&D for tax purposes, you just might not call it R&D specifically;

  • “We haven’t developed a new and innovative product” – improvements to existing products also qualifies

  • “Work has to be product related” – process improvements qualify too

  • “We’ve claimed for our R&D department, so have maximised our claims” -  incentives are often underclaimed as companies have focused on “pure R&D”.

  • “R&D is for people in white coats” – it is but is also so much more widely defined, such that it isn’t just meant for the pharmaceutical industry (see below)

  • R&D is a complex area of the tax legislation. It’s difficult to get right (many companies and R&D boutiques claim 60-80% of what they actually should be) and sometimes can seem like a daunting process to claim.

We have the experience to navigate you through the claim process, producing robust and defensible claims, whilst ensuring we manage risk and maintain integrity and reputation with HMRC. We have known the specialist R&D inspectors for many years and sit on the HMRC Consultative Committee that discusses and sets R&D policy.

We have extensive experience of preparing and agreeing claims from a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, chemicals, communications, large-scale diversified industrials, food, IT, manufacturing, marine, oil & gas, printing, retail and subsea.

If you’d like to find out if you could claim these generous reliefs, or want a 2nd opinion on a claim you’re already making, please contact our Head of R&D Incentives, Chris Knott on 07870 420841

Employment Taxes

As an employer, you have lots of tax obligations. You’ll need to make sure you’re paying the correct amount of PAYE and National Insurance (NI). And these days, businesses are offering more and more flexible benefits to their employees. These benefits, things such as company cars, medical insurance and so on, need to be taxed through payroll or included on your P11D return. We’ll make sure you’re paying the correct amount of tax and NI, and when HMRC are due to carry out an inspection, we’ll help you prepare for what’s to come.


Want to make sure you’re paying the correct employment taxes or have an inspection coming up? Get in touch with Suki Kaur on 07973 657815. Or, send an email to Suki at

Capital Allowances

Building, buying or renovating a workspace? Did you know there are different tax allowances depending on the type of project you’re working on? And let’s say you already have your property, you might now be buying assets such as furniture, vehicles, machinery and electrical services.

So, come and talk to us early - we could save you thousands.

We’ve years of experience specialising in capital allowances and we’ve been published in several industry publications. We work with developers and contractors from all over the world and we know how the property market works.

We’ll work with you to save you money on your property.


So, if you’ve already finished a project or, even better, if you’re about to embark on one and you’d like to talk to us about capital allowances, give Jeremy Chapman a call on 07583 084785. Or send Jeremy an email to

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