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tax geeks who give a damn


Your tax adviser surprised you? Did they give you a ring with a new idea? Maybe they asked you about your life and what you’ll leave behind for your family. Or, did they uncover thousands you had no idea existed in Capital Allowances or R&D tax services?

When you’re looking for a tax adviser, you’re not just looking for a transaction. It’s not like servicing a car, it’s a service that’s ongoing. It’s one thing having a team of tax advisers that know their stuff. But it’s another having a team of tax advisers who care about you, your family and your business.

Work with the best tax practice in the UK

Tolley’s recently named us Best Tax Practice in the UK within a Regional Firm. We were praised for our “ethos, dynamic culture and emphasis on teamwork.” We work with more businesses with a turnover between £10-200m than any other adviser in the Midlands. We work with individuals and families too. We’re growing fast and achieving big things.


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When something important happens, we make sure we’re on top of it.

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A team of tax geeks who give a damn

So, you might know one or two tax geeks. You probably know a few professionals who give a damn. But there are very few who are both. Tax advisers who don’t just wait for instructions. Geeks who’ll ask you about your ambitions and bucket list. Where are all these people? They work for us.


Our culture and the benefits


As Richard Branson suggested, we train our people so they’re good enough to leave. And we treat them so well that they don’t want to. Our unique culture means people bring themselves to work. It means you’ll get an opinion, we’ll talk to you straight and we’ll be the first to call you when we spot something of interest.

"They make things happen when they say they will"

Don’t just take our word for it. Our client advocacy scores for tax services are super high against the industry average. And clients are always saying nice things.

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Clients say we have the expertise of a multinational firm with a personal feel. We’re experienced, energetic and friendly. Have a look through our website, and if you’d like a chat about what opportunities there could be, get in touch with Simon Baines on 07710 194107 or email

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