With lots of properties come lots of responsibilities. The likelihood is that you look after a variety of tenants, budgets and maintenance - and that’s before we even get to all the compliance and admin.

But imagine there was an easier way of managing just one of those things. A way of managing service charge that would make things less complicated and save you time. We’ve created a system to help you manage all your properties in one place.

Have a read about Snapshot and how we'll work with you.

It all starts with a process.

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Here's how we'll work with you

1) First let’s have a chat. Let’s make sure we’re right for each other. No pitching or power play.


 2) Then we’ll need to understand the mix of your properties. We’ll ask you a few questions such as, “What are your properties used for?”.


3) Finally, we’ll get to know your process. We’ll talk about you, your targets, your timings…you name it. Then we’ll work out the best way of working together.

Snapshot and next steps

Snapshot isn’t rigid.

It’ll be tailored to you and how you work. We can also build in commentaries and budgets if you like. Then, with some training, you’re all set.


Ready for the first step?

If this looks good, and it sounds like our way of working will save you time, get in touch with Colin Shaw on 07770 825695, or email

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