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You might be a landlord. You might be a managing agent for commercial or residential properties.But one thing’s for sure – you’re short on time and you’ve lots to do. And service charge certificates are just one other thing on your long to do list. You’ve also got budgets, commentaries and all your other day to day demands to think about.

But service charge means more than that to us. It’s so much more than just turning up once a year to number crunch and hand you a certificate. We’ll work with you throughout the year and we’ll help you plan everything out. We’ll equip you with Snapshot, our online tool that makes managing your properties easier and saves you valuable time.

Colin Shaw

Head of Service Charge

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We hear you

“What’s your process? How can we fit around you?”. These are the first questions that we’ll ask you when we start working together. Many of us have worked as managing agents before, so we know what it’s like on your side of the fence. We know what you’re going through and we understand the challenges you face.


Imagine if there was a piece of software that meant you could manage all your properties in one place. What if it told you when service charges were due and allowed you to track compliance and KPIs? Well, it exists. And it’s called Snapshot. Read more about it here.

We're experts in service charge

Service Charge is a niche service area in our industry. Lots of accountants dabble, but very few have the right expertise. Meet our specialist team and read why we’re raising industry standards.


If you've any questions or would like to chat more about Snapshot you can contact Colin at or call on 07770 825695.

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