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All your properties in one place

Portfolios in different places. KPIs to track. Working in property can be fast-paced and chaotic. And change is constant – from processes going digital to industry takeovers and mergers.

So how do you find time to manage the good stuff – not just properties and service charge, but people, clients and leading what you do?

We work with people in property – from finance professionals to surveyors, from developers and investors to asset managers. Our software, Snapshot, gives people visibility of their service charge accounts for all their properties in one place.

Snapshot will help you gather management information, track KPIs and help you give better client service. Some of our clients even use Snapshot in their own marketing as a reason to choose them.

Colin Shaw

Head of Service Charge

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We understand you

We know what it’s like in your shoes too, 1) because of the hundreds of years of combined property expertise in our team, and 2) because several of us have worked within managing agents.


We’re always sweeping in to save the day on complex accounting issues, quick turnarounds and explaining things in a way you’ll understand. We’ll challenge you from time to time – but we’ll help you reach your targets.

Switching your accounts to us is easy

In a recent testimonial, Harris Lamb said, “The inception and handover of our managed estates has been seamless”. Read what other people say here.

We’d love to chat and talk about how we can help – so please get in touch.

What is Service Charge?

If you’ve found this page and you’re thinking the question above, let’s talk about what service charge is.


Think of your local shopping centre – every single store will pay a fee to keep the centre running for security, electricity, parking and so on. But where does all that money go? How’s it managed? Who checks things are being charged and spent correctly? That’s where we come into play.



In a nutshell, we manage property expenditure in the residential and commercial sector. It's a fast-paced, growing division driven by seasonal deadlines. Want to find out more, contact Colin at or call on 07770 825695.

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