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If you own a business or you work for one, you’ll want to know what the numbers are. You’ll need a management report that explains how your business is performing to help you make key decisions. Simple as that. Or is it as simple as that?

What kind of detail would you like?

We know you’ll want a certain level of detail. But, everyone’s different. Some of our clients prefer us to tell them an engaging story about their accounts, and ask us to join up the dots. Others prefer spreadsheets full of facts and figures. It all depends on what you need and how you like to work.

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On time and accurate

You’ll also want the numbers at a time that’s best for you. It could be monthly; it could be quarterly. We work on the accounts ourselves and we don’t send them elsewhere like some of the bigger firms do. This means that we can control things much more easily and you’ll get a personal service. For example, you might want us to work alongside your in-house bookkeeper, so we can come and visit them to talk it all through. 

What’s best for you?

In the outsourcing team, we always ask, “What’s best for you?”. That’s because the service we offer really depends know what we’re going to say. But before we find out what you need, it all starts with a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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