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We're the PKF Cooper Parry Dealerships Team. We deliver an incredible customer experience and exist to free up your time to sell more cars and make more profit.

Is your accountant a clapped out old banger?
Isn't it time you upgraded?

Many accountancy firms are happy to plod along, doing exactly the same thing every year. This is not how we roll. We have evolved. We are not a stereotypical grey accountancy firm. This means that we are continually pushing the boundaries and this is why we love working with dealerships who think the same way.

We want to help you sell more cars...
How many accountants can say that?

We're very aware that your industry is changing. We know that it's your entrepreneurial spirit that has helped you to overcome these challenges. This spirit has driven new ways of doing things, opened up new markets and uncovered new opportunities. Like you, we have an innovative mind-set, which allows us to help our customers stay one step ahead. We're always looking to find new ways to help you to become more efficient, whilst protecting and boosting your profit. That's why we're fiercely proud to have been recognised as the most innovative and fastest growing accountancy firm in the UK.
That makes us a great match for you and your business, don't you think?

We're with you for the ride

We work with you to help you survive, evolve and thrive. So, whether you're looking to attract, reward and retain talent, navigate your relationship with your manufacturer, maximise the capability of your DMS and other reporting systems, or just find time to think more strategically about where your business is going, talk to us.

Get in touch with Matt Hodgson on 07770 703285, or email him at

We speak your language
We know your challenges
We get what drives you
We help you to sell more cars

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The Car Dealership Team

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Matt Hodgson

T: +44 (0)7770 703285

Katie Warrington

T: +44 (0)7740 064769

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We have been an IT client of PKF Cooper Parry since 2015 where we have seen some major changes with how we use Technology.

Darren Beddard, Sandicliffe


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