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Everyone’s asking the same question: “Brexit – what next?”. Economists, politicians and journalists are all telling you everything they know. People are writing, discussing and shouting their opinions in every newspapers opinion column, every video and it’s mentioned nearly every night on the news. Surely we all know what’s next by now, right?

Fighting Brexit uncertainty – meet The Brexit Brigade

We’ve assembled a justice league of our brightest brains to help save you from Brexit bemusement – meet The Brexit Brigade. The Brexit Brigade consists of a group of experts on tax, restructuring, wealth management, corporate finance and audit.
We gather to talk about what Brexit means for privately owned businesses in the Midlands, UK and beyond. We’ve hosted events, we run regular surveys and we post the occasional opinion piece too.

If you’ve got any questions about anything Brexit related, send us an email to One of our team will get back to you at lighting speed.

The Brexit Brigade

Who's in the team?

Audit – Andrew Timms 

Tax – Matt Hodgson and Suki Kaur

Restructuring – Jeremy Birch

Wealth management – Jonathan Elsigood

Corporate Finance – Andy Parker

T: +44 (0)1332 411 163

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