Pensions Audit


It’s audit time again!

If you’re a pension trustee, administrator or pension adviser, you’ll know that you need to have a pension audit every seven months.

There are strict rules. There’s no time for missed deadlines.

You need a pension auditor who’s an expert. Someone who understands you and your trustees.

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A team with a passion

Surprisingly, lots of accountancy firms don’t have a team that specialises in pension audits. But we do. We’ll know what we’re doing from the off and we’ll have a good idea of what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll be slick, friendly and to the point.


Our team loves working in pensions. We have a deep understanding of this niche sector and we know we can help you. If you’re a pensions trustee, we’ll always be on hand to coach you through the numbers and give you the advice you need.


We’re not like your average firm of accountants...We’re PKF Cooper Parry.

Clients tell us we’re open, honest and upfront. Whilst you’re working with us, we’ll never become strangers. You’ll have a specific person to get in touch with and we’ll always be on hand to answer the phone.

We’re responsive, flexible and we’ll work around you.

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If you're starting to think about your pension audit, and you like what you've read so far, get in touch with Helen Scothern on 07979 692477 or, you can reach Helen at

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