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When we first meet a lot of our clients, they wince when we mention the word ‘audit’. That’s because our industry has given it a bad name. Clients come to us expecting it to be a long, hard slog during which they are endlessly interrogated and shamed for any tiny errors. But, that’s just not how we work. We’re out to change the audit experience. 

First, we’ll get to know you

Let’s forget about your audit for a second and talk about you. Before we go through your accounts, we’d like to know what lies behind the numbers. What do you want to achieve? What are your challenges? This way, if we do spot anything that doesn't look quite right, we’ll talk to you and sort it out.

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Our three-step process

We think that most accountants do audits in 2D. Of course, they’ll be able to help you with the numbers. But they won’t ask you about your ambitions and how you’re going to realise them. So how can they give you the best advice?

Here’s our 3D way of working:


It all starts with us understanding each other. We’ll cover everything from your personal goals to who your other advisers are and how we can best work with them.



After our ‘discovery’, we’ll present you with the next steps. We’ll assign you a team and then we’ll get to work.



“Did you enjoy your audit?”

We’d like to know how we did. We’d like to know what went well and what you’d like us to do differently next time. So we’ll send you a short, online questionnaire, give you a call, or even arrange a visit from our Chairman. 


Sound like a plan?

If you’ve got an audit coming up and you want something different this year, call us for a chat. Get in touch with Andy Chandler on 07585 405204 or, you can reach Danny at

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