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Have you noticed that something’s not quite right in your business but you don’t know who to talk to? Are you looking for some assurance about your numbers?

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We know businesses back to front

Audits and tax and all the other services we offer here at PKF Cooper Parry have taught us a thing or two about business. And we spend a lot of time with people who work in a range of different sectors. We’ve worked with airlines to sort out how they pay for their fuel. We’ve worked with major soft drinks producers and international supermarkets to cut their bills. If it’s certainty and peace of mind you’re after, that’s exactly what we’ll give you.

There aren’t many questions we can’t answer

When it comes to advice about business, numbers and money; we know what we’re talking about. But just in case you have a query that we can’t answer, we have relationships with local lawyers, intellectual property advisers and business valuation specialists. We’re also connected with firms all over the world who’ll help us get to the bottom of any questions you might have.


So, go ahead... try us

If you’ve got a query or you’ve found something you’d like us to have a look at, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Danny Parker on 07944 298760. Or, send Danny an email:


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