We're Cyber Essentials Accredited

Online fraudsters and hackers have never been so clever, cybercrime has never been so rife, and sadly, your business has never been more vulnerable.

That’s why the government has created Cyber Essentials – a scheme to help organisations protect themselves from cybercrime. It’s government-backed, industry supported and we’re Cyber Essentials accredited, so we can guide you through the process.

Earn your badges. Protect your business.

Cyber essentials give you the opportunity to earn one of two Cyber Essentials badges for your business. By being accredited, it means we can help you achieve these badges. And it also means we’ll equip your business with all the essentials you need to stop cybercrime.

Visit Cooper Parry IT for more info, including pricing and stories of where we’ve already helped businesses in the Midlands with their IT security.

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