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IFRS 16 Seminar

08/12/2017, 9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: 5 Aldermanbury Square London EC2V 7BP

Does your business have any rental or leasing arrangements? If so, IFRS 16 is the new accounting standard that could dramatically impact your business’s balance sheet, increasing liabilities and debt.

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IFRS 16 Seminar
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Does your business have any rental or leasing arrangements? If so, IFRS 16 is the new accounting standard that could dramatically impact your business’s balance sheet, increasing debt, EBITDA, change your business value and much more.

There’s still time to be proactive, get prepared and make plans (earning some CPD points along the way!). Join us at our free morning event with BNP Paribas Real Estate to find out more.

Does your business rent or lease property, vehicles, equipment or anything else? If you do, you need to know all about the major changes coming up in leasing.

IFRS 16 is a new standard due to come into force in 2019. It means leasing arrangements that aren't currently on your balance sheet will now show up as an asset or liability. It could fundamentally change the way your financial statements look with implications for how the business is perceived, it's rating, dividend policy, bank covenants and bonus arrangements.

Join us on Friday 8 December to hear more and find out what you should do

As well as our panel of experts in accounting, property and banking, we’ll be joined by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We'll also be joined by BNP Paribas' Elizabeth Cain, Head of Client Finance and hear about how software solutions can ease the transition.

Together, we’ll introduce IFRS 2016, talk about what it means for your business’ position and value, and then talk through what to do next so you go through a smooth transition.

Who’ve we invited?

We’ve invited businesses with property, both landlords and those with leased estates and any businesses who lease vehicles or equipment on a large scale. We’ve invited group financial controllers, financial directors, and property professionals.

But it’s not limited to people with certain job titles. To tackle IFRS 16 properly, you’ll need involve the right people from different areas of your business – including finance, property, tax, procurement, legal and logistics. Come if you’re interested and the changes affect you.

What will we talk about?

Audit Director, Catherine Kelly, will talk about the immediate impacts on accounting and financial statements, and what stakeholders you should involve from across your business. Cat will get into some of the detail and cover when IFRS 16 will start to affect you.

We’ll then hear from guest speakers. A banking expert will discuss the effect of the new rules from a banking and retail perspective. RICS will give the Industry view on the changes and what they mean for the future of Leasing. BNP Paribas Real Estate will talk about the practical application of the changes and how to make them work for you

More on our speakers

Catherine Kelly, Audit Director has been with PKF Cooper Parry for over 13 years and manages a portfolio of clients with a focus on large corporates and retail businesses. 

Liz Cain is Head of Client Service at BNP Paribas Retail Estate, helping both investor and occupier clients.  She is also a member of the UK Property Management Executive and Operational Boards. 

If your business has any leasing arrangements, it’s important you don’t stand still.