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HMRC reviews

An Employer Compliance review can be daunting.  The best strategy is to ensure that a business' processes and procedures comply with current legislation.  We carry out a detailed review to identify risk areas as well as potential savings and can also be on site when HMRC visit.

share incentives

The use of share schemes and share based payments can provide tax and cost efficient ways of remunerating, retaining and incentivising staff. We can advise on the suitability of share incentives for your business and implement the arrangements.  We will also ensure that ongoing compliance requirements are met.  

employment status

This is a notoriously "grey" area, with considerable implications. We look at the engagement of each worker and advise whether payments should be put through the payroll or made gross.

benefits and expenses

We advise on tax and NIC efficient ways of providing benefits in kind such as fully expensed cars, vans, meals, staff functions, home broadband, childcare, bikes, long service awards, suggestion schemes and gifts.

We help reduce the burden of keeping copious records and completing end of year returns P11D by obtaining a dispensation from having to report certain benefits/expenses.

We save you both time and money by including such items in a Pay As You Earn Settlement Agreement (PSA) and, in some circumstances, get agreement from HMRC that certain items do not have to be included in the PSA.

termination packages

Along with employment status this is a key target area for HMRC review. We provide comprehensive advice on the correct tax and NIC treatment of a termination package giving assurance that there won't be any shocks some years down the road when HMRC carry out a PAYE enquiry. 

international employees

How much UK income tax you will have to pay depends mainly on whether you are UK tax resident. We offer advice which will ensure you comply with UK tax and NIC requirements for inbound employees as well as UK domiciles working abroad. 

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