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Meet the Brexiteers

We’ve assembled a justice league of our brightest brains to help save you from Brexit bemusement – meet The Brexit Brigade.

A lot has been said about what Brexit means for the UK. However, nearly two months on and we still know very little about it, other than the declining value of our currency and slowing economic output.

PKF Cooper Parry – fighting Brexit uncertainty

We’ve got lots on at PKF Cooper Parry and our Brexit Brigade have got their ears to the ground. We’re holding a seminar for our clients and asking people to let us know the impact Brexit is having on them and their business.

If you’ve got a thought about Brexit, or if you’ve got any questions you’d like us to look in to, send an email to and we’ll make sure one of our Brexit Brigade gets back to you at lightning speed.

If you would like to read a bit more about our Brexit team read our news article here.

If you would like to attend out Brexit Seminar sign up here.